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Hi. I saw the Good Shepherd the day before yesterday. To me it was a good movie.

I went shopping the day after Christmas and it wasn’t bad.

I’m working on all kinds of stuff right now, but it seems that sound is central to all of it.

I’m 25, and I’m confused. I feel more confused as a 25 year old human than I did as a 23 year old human. I suppose that these things happen.

I’m so much more connected with a new cell phone, ah ha, I remembered what I wanted to write about.

So, I recently bought a smartphone–on of the phones that lets you check email and connect to the internet. At a party while I was patently unengaged I began fussing with my phone, which led me to think about an anecdote that Chris had relayed recently. This is me relaying the statement: “I met a friend at a bar, and two of her frineds came to meet us there. when they showed up they were on their crackberries sending messages back and forth, and they did it the whole time. They were totally detached from the human social environment.” I’ve paraphrased here (para- is a great prefix). So being in the midst of such social detachment I began thinking about the statement, and necessarily deconstructing the performances that add up to such a disengaged posture. Keep in mind here that I’ve been dealing with the idea of human agency as particularly impotent when viewed at a global scale. Also, I’m reading technology as a determinate influence of social construction, much like weather, vis-a-vis Manuel DeLanda in War in the Age of Intelligent Machines. So, what’s to say that people using their cellular devices in a seemingly dtached manner is not the residue of a new materiality of the social? That is, we’re not dealing with people that are detcahed from one another, just socializing differently; we continue to perform social incroporation, but it doesn’t seem like it. It seems like the current materiality of cell phones is more inevitable than undesirable. I would wager that within the next five years more people will have smartphones than regular cell phones.

Chris, I’m not trying to diss; I just used your comment as a departure for my pointology. I’m sure you know that, and I’m sure that this will generate some kind of conversation some time soon.

I’ve been listening to Mount Eerie’s No Flahslights on super repeat. Thanks Travis.



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Yanik Douby submitted this link to the phonography listserve. It features sonds by him and Marc Namblard. enjoy.

Brief excerpt from the midst of a paper:

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Our conception of the sonic is a phenomenological feedback event, while our perception, as an event, is equally a perception of our own materiality and the materiality of the sonic. The conception of the auditized sonic always leads to its interface with usefulness, while the perception of the sonic always leads to either quantification or qualification. Perception is cartography of the self (both collective and singular, physical and metaphysical), and the space around the self. Perception is not a document of what exists; it is an event. Perception is the construction of what exists in terms of potentialities of usefulness; the perceived is of usefulness, and the unperceived is not. It could be said that perception leads to conception, but such a statement would not be true, only mythic.

remaining indirect

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It’s me.
In the club of the moths, where one may find dust
engraved with epitaphs for eponymous
elements of chemists.
Loosely bound straws,
wrapped around nigthingales breasts’,
drinking from the bellies of blue whales
into mouths of nothing.
There is cream in the skyline of cities big enough
to level cold physics brightening most diagrams.

From a journal entry on 9/25/2005:

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For every relation we shirk we are shirked in a relation.
Cause and effect are not a sequential
thus what we do today may be an effect to facilitate a cause tomorrow.
Above us there is water in the clouds, and below us there is water in the
To covet the sea is to covet the clouds, for the cycles of precipitation makes
them one.

We cannot see how love or hate evaporate,
so we do not understand the circumstances of our lives.
Only when water freezes, and becomes still is it removed from the cycle of precipitation.

Abandon emotion, become still,
only then does the cycle of shirking and coveting stop.


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A hero merely waits for the weather to produce a rain of stones that kills all of the birds.

Because I’m really at a loss for what else may be of import right now:

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If, inside the faces of one thousand palendrome bacteria,
rotating to be further from each other, one were to find the trace
–in grey–of grey bones, or gray hairs,
would it matter?
Does a pale bodied cave fish, blind to things of sight,
experience universalism?

Does a galaxy wear a hat?


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When we forget our passwords for online communitites, or email accounts it is not such a big deal. What happens when we forget the passwords to our pasts though? And the passwords to our consciousnesses?

Brief lific rant

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I feel like my life is a matter of déja vu: am I experiencing déja vu right now or not? I’ve been interacting with my past a lot for the past couple of weeks. I am pithy in my lack of perspective. I’ve been into music lately. Perhaps I need to figure out how to stop reading my life in relation to my life in other states. I’m not sure how to go about that exactly, but it seems like a worthwhile task. Sorry that I don’t have anything less self-centered to write.

Whirlwind theory

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I have been living in one for the past six months. I don’t think I really ever want to leave, but it will be nice to have a break.

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