Why is a contemporary ghost town so fascinating?

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This is enticing…quite enticing.

On collective consciousness…

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I was driving, in some slight traffic yesterday, and began thinking: “How do you go about correcting collective consciousness when it does not function effectively?” This ponderance arose in response to the way that people drive in heavy traffic; if enough people were to remain far enough back from the car in front of them, so that when the car in front of them comes to a halt they don’t have to, we wouldn’t have stop and go traffic.
This is obviously a rather inconsequential example, but how do we go about correcting these types of situations? Are these situations correctable?
I came to the conclusion that art can be used to bring such situations to people’s attention, but it isn’t neccessarily going to affect change.

I don’t know that this is something that has a definite solution, but it is something that I will begin to think about.

Fur coats>?

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So, I was thinking today. When I was doing that I thought about how ‘activists’ throw red paint on people who wear fur coats. Then I thought about how contrived and childish that seems to me. Then I thought about how people that throw red paint wear clothes that are most likely made of cotton. Then I thought about how cotton is a living thing that we use to make clothes. Should we throw white paint on people who wear cotton?

“It is not about things that happened, or will happen; it is about the fact that everything is constantly changing, so there is no ‘happened,’ because happening never ends.”

A great essay on iteration, realization, and inter-fe-ference

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As the title says. Also, the layout is fantastic and reduces the anxiety of large groupings of words in an academic conext.



Self Made Objects…

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I think that this is a great idea. Roger Ibars champions the notion of ‘inanimate’ objects reacting to themselves in ways that forego any kind of user use. See


It’s octomatics baby…

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Seems like a chore to learn, but that’s not neccessarily a bad thing.


Right now in space…

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The above link will take you to a live feed of some sounds from space. Listen for faint drones that emerge, they are in the upper frequency range, and they are of a negligible dynamic. I love this kind of stuff.

I must admit…

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That I am a bit scared about going to graduate school. I am not scared in terms of the work, more scared in terms of establishing some kind of manageable lifestyle in Manhattan. It seems to me that I could easily slip out of balance if I am not careful. That has been on my mind for the past few days. But, I must also admit that I am enthralled with mposing adjustments that will have to be rendered in order to remain in balance–whatever they are.

On eggs all being in one place…

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I most definitely put all of my eggs in one boat, because I only have one boat. Now, some people may say, “This is brash, and ill-planned.” I only reply that it should not matter that my eggs are in one boat, what matters is where my boat sails. Now, the people who would criticize my decision are probably not aware that the boat I use sails in the universe; this is a grand and expansive universe filled with sounds and different kinds of light. Should the eggs not be the last thing I think of when sailing? Are the eggs not an excuse to go sailing?

There is a little breeze that resides within the Earth, and it is always moving, but no mater where it goes it will most certainly make some wind.

Post #57

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Enunciated pause.

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