I’ve rapped

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I’ve been big into rapping lately. There is an open mic on monday nights that I go to. THere are some good rappers out there, and ther dud that hosts it is usually pretty on point. Sin Sin (2nd Ave, and 5 street).

Here is a rap that i started writing for a beat that Chris Tabron made:

Meat aint nothing but the sun’s distilled energy, distilled from plants that just distill the sun’s energy, so on, and so on the days that i’m vegetarian I can’t really claim any moral high ground

Associating vagueries isn’t laziness it’s a profession
like white on white
let’s play who’s more hip hop with no electrical current

the city’s a beast of burden
the rich get fat off it’s milk
I’m standing behind the plow sipping oolong
smoking pot in the earliest sunlight

My clothes are getting more wintered than i am
My clothes are getting more wintered than I am
My clothes are more wintered than me
My clothes are more wintery than I am(/chorus)

That’s all i have so far. i recently realized that my writing is existential, almost enitrely, and that’s really all I’m interested in uising writing for. Occasionally of course, I have to say things that are witty, and use certain terminology that proves that I’m a rapper, but The stuff that I really sit down to write is about dealing with how ludicrous life on Earth is is as my life has shown it to me.


Crippling lyrics from In Rainbows

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Not sure of track numbers, but on one of the songs Tommy say:

“I’m an animal/locked in your hot car”

“I’m just an insect/ Trying to get out of the dark”

That’s some hotness right there.

writing is an existential soul food

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for me at least. Not writing in a sensible sense, moe in a poetic sense.

They were two mirrors touching
and you are foolish if you believe me when I tell you that I saw them,
these two mirrors touching.

One. He breathes.
Two. She breathes.
Three. They made a recording of themselves breathing.
Four. Scooby Doo cartoons could be overheard in their breathing, not playing from a television overheard by the microphone
it was some sort of ontological mysticism in their breath that did it.

A mosquito bit the tattooed skin of my arm.
This is an obituary
for all the pens I’ve destroyed.

Not a review, rather an impression

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The new Radiohead album is pretty fly. I started listening last night, and it has gotten a lot of play since then. THe sound of this album, the idea that it creates a space through specific and significant sonic characteristics used as a theme throughout is what really seals the deal for me. The songwriting is hit and miss as far as I’m concerned, but I have rather obscure taste, as well as peculiar conditions of ‘goodness’.

If I’m dead, then it’s not now that I am that.

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I continue to breathe. My dreams have been rich lately. I’ve been staying up late.

I made this early this morning:

One Dare

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In all seriousness, if you had one dare, what would you do with it?

I am inclined to belive that I would use it towards something apparently superficial and immature, but nevertheless endlessly amusing.

Recent photos:

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You MUST check out this journal:

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I’ve been on the search for a holy grail art journal. For me this means a journal that is concerned with the present more than the present within the context of art history. I’m simply not well-educated when it comes to art history. This is no one’s fault but my own, but it isn’t somehting that I’m regrettable about. Anyways, this journal is filled with content–and devoid of adverts–that is appreciable without any knowledge of the state or history of art; simply a collection of easily appreciated images, words, and sounds (comes with a cd). Check for Uovo.

Check out this weiner:

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