More new music:

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I’m trying hard to bve frequent aboutt his. Inspiration seems so non-personal, and under the radar of my life ability.

Barbara Browning on vocals:

New Spring that is not Cosmic.


A new music:

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I’ve kind of been making Hemol-type stuff lately. It’s definitely different than the Hemol stuff was though. I’m strict about musical sensibility these days. I’m also using lots of snippets of people talking. This one features Werner Herzog. I’m working with shorter (temporally) stuff as well. This music is part of a series that I am doing for a mixtape for a friend’s mixtape show. The title of this project is: The Purpling of Turqoise. The title of this music is: Sunset Boar. I think most of my music has a direct correlation to the way I feel in a Florida sunset.

Sunset Boar

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