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I thought this rap in the shower this morning:

Even though the name is maintained by virtue of the blood that courses through one’s veins fame shall only be obtained when the proper people decide to ordain.

Lately I’ve been reading Gilles Deleuze’s Francis Bacon: Logic of Sensation, and I must say that I’m disappointed. I was expecting something as shocking and diverse as A Thousand Plateaus, which is not the case. This however can be chalked up to my own faulty expectations. There are moments of clearly articulated insight which contribute to my ability to talk about/think about art. But I don’t feel that I’ve really learned anything new from this book yet. I still have about thirty pages to go though, and the second half has picked up dramatically from the first, so my vote is not in yet. I’m deliberating.

Here is a a link to a letter titled “I have nothing to admit” that Deleuze wrote in response to a seemingly (based on Deleuze’s letter) perverse detractor. This letter has some nice ideas in it.


Hip-hop in academia:

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I never realized that academia cared about hip hop to the extent that it does. It seems like hip-hop is a necessary substance. I wonder how many of the people that write books about hip-hop: rap, make beats, DJ, break, write graffiti, dig for records, et cetera. And, of the ones that do I wonder how many of them are good at what they do.

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More Time is only More Time for the spectacle.

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