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A hero merely waits for the weather to produce a rain of stones that kills all of the birds.


While engrossed in Felman:

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In response to her criticism of post-Austinian attempts to codify Austin into a quantifying machine whose scope he outperfroms–outmodes:

The scripted homes of man cannot endure the weather.

A barrelling Dracula’s cape…

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Once while driving terribly late at night, I thought that I saw a Dracula’s cape barrelling across the highway–driving terribly late does strange things to my mind.

While packing for my move I discovered a piece of paper inscribed with the following:

“the utterly precise aiming of speech allowed by the post is amazing.”

A fascinating feat indeed. In my Media theory studies I have begun to recognize, more and more, the things that go on around us in terms of their existence as possible extensions of the body and its functions.
The age, and lack of anything electronic, seems to give this medium a specific poignancy.
When we speak words are emitted into the surrounding air with little control as to where they go, being that the voice is an omnidirectional sound-producing membrane. When a letter is sent through the post words can be directed to an exact location.
There is little theory to divulge without going into an involved statement on the whole of Media. Perhaps then, it is this conceivable simplicity that sparked my amazement in the first place.

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