everyone should listen to this:

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Killer Mike is ill

Today while I was walking around I saw two men arguing. When I got closer I realized that it was actually two giant dutch master cigars that were on fire in a cloud of smoke. Some hip hop guys came screeching up in a black cargo van with no windows and kidnapped those giant cigars. This city is pretty wild.


Meet me in the trap:

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The moon is made of cheese

Seriously though…

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Ally McBeal just moved into my apartment.

Also, I have a plan for how you and I can get rich. We just need to get sticks of dynamite and forge Ernest Shackleton’s signature on them. It’s so dada–fuck it’s post-dada!


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Just now, while I was in the shower, a boa constricter came up out of the drain. I just kept bathing and it creeepd out through the toilet.

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