A Contest is Eminent release

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Nelson Hallonquist has been kind enough to release a recording of my composition A Contest is Eminent. Check his blog for free download, or purchasing info.


New beat

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It’s not done, but it’s getting there.


Emcess cannot diss me. Beat for Ben

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I found out recently that a rapper that I know made a diss song for me. It’s from a while ago, and I had thought that it might have been about me, but I was never sure.
Hi D**G.

On a rap related note, my good friend Ben Thacker asked for a beat for a commercial he is editing. The bass and melody are from a casiotone. I messed around imporvising for about a half hour while recording to Mz-M100, then dumped everything into Cubase. Looped a phrase from the keys, and did some EQ and hand-crafted delay work, with a little bit of plug-in reverb. For the drums I chopped a break up in the Dr. Sample, and improvised for about a half hour, while recording into the Mz-M100. Dumped that into cubase, edited a loop, and did some hand-crafted delay and EQ work. Here’s the rough draft so far:

DivShare File – 241124.wav

He say what?

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Some lines that really got me on Sole and the Skyrider Band:

And I aint got shit to say, to people who aint got shit to say, except don’t rap, don’t sing, don’t match your shoes to your trucker hats.

I know I’m a human I can turn forest to stone, stone to city, city to sand, and sand to glass.

A thousand years and running, the universe is shrinking, everyone you know is on a tiny blue dot

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