old school freestyle…

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This is a freestyle off of my second album In Search of the Word Worth 1,000 Pictures. I think you’re gonna like it.

Peter Rabbit

& Eno

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& Eno

& Czukay

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& Czukay

& Macero

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& Macero

wiggidy whoa oh oh

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So, if you know me, then you probably know that some of my friends are in this band called skyrider. I’m a total fanboy, tshirt and all. They’ve got a side project going on right now–on a somewhat related note I love motorcycles with sidecars–called Furious Stylz. If you like dub music, drums, or drug-induced states of consciousness this may be for you (click the image for the link):

Rappers are lording out…right now

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Good things in the coming up this year. Romance for hip hop’s good attitudes is coming back into style. Case in point:

Peace to the G-ds:

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1.) Ubu.com continues to lord out.

2.) Terry Riley remains partially hidden. First time I heard this. (<—downoad).

Lucky day

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I got on the train yesterday. I had headphones on and I was quasi-checked out. I was looking around aimlessly and focusing on listening to music, when I noticed a man near me pull out a sakura micron pen. He uncaps it and I look to see what the thickness of the felt is. Since the train is moving it’s hard to write, and .1mm is not going to be easy to use. Sure enough, it’s a pretty fine tipped pen. He also pulls out a piece of paper, which is actually three sheets of 6″ x 6″ sheets folded twice into small rectangles.
As it turns out, he needs to have a fine tipped pen, because fills up these sheets with his endless list of things to do in his life. I’m talking; buy things from Amazon shopping cart; get 2 large containers of Stonyfield organic yogurt banana flavor; move broom to different closet; call ______ and _______ to see how they are doing. It went on, and on, minutely scrawled across the 6 sides of his 3 sheets. And it wasn’t uniform either, the typographic space was divided up into jerrymandered zones that resembled Tetris more than life organization.

So, the point of this story arrives. As I’m watching him flip through his pages, briefly surveying the tasks that will make him in the near future, I realize that I’m going to witness a new task being added to his list. He starts writing and the first word is ‘Ear’. Now, I’m watching and I’m quite giddy because voyeuring simple affairs like this in public really makes me appreciate being alive surrounded by human beings. He stars writing the next word and it’s ‘h’

(of course I’m thinking he’s going to write headphones)


(not headphones, and I haven’t a clue, so I lapse into total David Attenborough poise in anticipation of what will come next)




Whoa! I’m definitely bearing witness to something incredible here, because this dude is listing his cosmetic affairs, involving a bodily orifice, on a sheet of paper.

“Pluck Em!”

In that moment I peed myself.

Kinda feelin it

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And kinda is an understatement. Damn, Drake’s kinda hot huh? Pause. Pasue.

Max Neuhaus died.

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I exchanged a few emails with him about a year ago. I contacted him through the email address on his website and he was kind enough to respond. He stands out because he was a hustler. The dude definitely made great art, but his work ethic was pretty raw/Herzog. I’m not sure where I read it, but he approached his clients with solid ideas and so compelling that they had to hire him, unsolicited.

Get it Max.

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