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Last night was a glorious thing, and perhaps the most important day in the history of the America of the living. I spent the whole day at home because I wasn’t feeling well, but thanks to some potato momos and thukpa from Himalaya Cafe I was able to make it out and take a walk through the city after Barack was announced as the winner of the election. Nearly every face smiling, there were a lot of marijuana cigarettes being smoked, and an endless stream of cabs honked their horns in celebration.

I made this recording as I walked West on 13th street, North on 1st avenue, West on 14th Street to USQ, then back East on 14th, South on 1st, and East on 13th. 

I overheard some precious things, and I hope they made it onto the recording. One thing that stands out was a dude walking with a small amplifier playing the star-spangled banner on his guitar.


I used:

Sound Professionals Binaural mics, and Sony Mz-M100 HiMD.


Barack’v Victory


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