Guilt induced:

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I am writing this post not out of a desire to write a new post, rather out of my guilt in not having updated in some time. Of late my time has become increasingly precious, and this is not a format in which I have felt a neccesity to materialize my time.

Of Late:
I am taking a class on methods in the anthropology of sound and music. I read John Law’s After Method: Mess in Social Science Research. I enjoyed the book. I recommend the book. I am going to a do an ethnogrpahy of skateboarding for the class.

My disdain for the blatant mistreatment of dogs in the city baloons tot he point of outbursts. Many people have the tendency of walking with their dogs on a leash instead of walking their dogs. By this I mean that people pay no attention to the desires of the dog, and merely walk. This often resuls in the dogs being dragged when they stop to smell something or for other reasons. It doesn’t take much thoguht to realize that this must hurt the dogs’ feet as they scrape against the concrete. Disgusting.

The weather has been unpredicatable unless I check it through a widget before I go out.

I’ve been spending time with my friend Danny Coeyman.

I’ve also been spedning time with some friends from school: Yu ni, Sarah, and Maria. Also Maria’s boyfriend Guillermo, and Sarah’s boyfriend Tom.

I enjoy spending time with those people.

I manned a tap at a beer festival last Friday. I had more than enough fun, but not in an beeric consumption way.

I have performances coming up. On Monday the 18th I will be performing in a Cabaret to benefit Richard Schechner’s “Home New Orleans”. I will be performing with Randy J. Hunt. The performance will be at the Village Pour House. On the 28th I will be performing a solo work in AUNTS. Biba Bell–a classmate–has invited me to take part. I will be performing a solo for audience, and playing a recorded composition for one person at a time–seperate from the solo. I’ll provide more info soon.

School is great.


A Melange of sorts:

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Next week I will be participating in a reading of John Cage’s works at St. Mark’s Church (10th and 2nd Ave.) that commemorates his birthday. It starts at 7:30.

I was thinking about our binary notions of structure yesterday, and came to a realization regarding the notion of deconstruction. I feel that deconstruction is often viewed as an alternative to the reification of structure, however this needn’t be the case; we are better off to engage both reification and deconstruction intermittently: reification maintains structure, while deconstruction subverts structural hegemony.

I have had a lengthy email exchange with some people from the listserve over the past week, and some interesting topics have come up. Primarily we have discussed the implication of structure in the practice of phonography, but we’ve also gotten into a lot of the tangential critical theory that goes along with it. My main concern is the enunciation of a proper paradigmatic structure for the medium. What I really wanted to get at here though was a comment that was made in reghards to simulacra; someone mentioned that when we cannot garner a proper message from a simulacrum we assume that something is wrong with the medium or the person who used the medium to create the simulacrum. This seems like a vital concept when we consider the notions of reification and deconstruction within structurality, as deconstruction often fondles the methods for creating meaning through simulacra–by fondle I mean that it investigates it in such a way that it is looking to uncover the limits of its potentialities and formulate a clear assessment of current occupations through various methods of ‘appropriate’ and inappropriate engagement .

I’m still trying to sell my tabla set–to no avail.

I’m still doing a great deal of thinking about the body and its organizations.

I recently began working on a new recorded artifact that employs field recordings and a drone rendered through the Elapsed Isolationism of the Pixies song “Where is My Mind.”

I’m writing a trio right now titled Complete Aegis Trio. I am using methods of indeterminacy that are dependent on crosswalk signals on a pre-mapped path.

I got a job with a beer distributor, and I’ll be helping out pouring beer at the upcoming New York Beerfest next weekend. My job is sales rep. That’s the deal.

Apparently I’ll be making some rap music with Chris Tabron some time soon.


Val Dieu Winter (more beer)…

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This is a seasonal ale that is most likely no longer available where you are (until november). Regardless, I still have some in stock, and it is a good beer…

The body of this dark ale is typical of most Val Dieus, medium-light. The beer doesn’t sit heavily in the mouth and doesn’t linger after it’s been swallowed. The flavor profile is incredibly well-balanced. Initially, it envigorates the mouth with a warming sensation (10.5% abv), which gives way to a plethora of apricot, and a slow clean finish.

Tucher Dunkel Weiss

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This is a traditional german-style dark wheat beer. It has a relatively low flavor profile, but that’s not a bad thing. the body is medium–typical of a wheat beer. Overall I’d say the flavor has enough presence to accompany some heavier meals such as curries or meats, but I would recommend it for lighter versions of these fares. This was a satisfying beer, although I’m left feeling that it doesn’t measure up to the Julius Echter dunkel. I will drink this beer again, but it doesn’t make my ‘favorites’ list.

Recent Beers

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Unibroue Ephemere Ale (apple):

For those who don’t know Unibroue is an outstanding Belgian-style brewery in Quebec, that is owned by a Canadian rock-star. Their Ephermere ale comes in two varieties: Cassius, and Apple. The Apple was a light flavored beer with the fine carbonation that is present in most Unibroue beers. The beer is also seasoned with corriander, and curacao, but they play a minimal–if noticeable–role. The apple flavor is mostly in the bouquet, and makes an a ppearance as slight tinge in the finish. Overall this beer is light and refreshing. It doesn’t have enough body of flavor to stand on its own, so I recommend pairing it with light meals, although it does make a nice afternon beer.

beers that I’ve consumed recently…

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If you don’t know me personally then you prbably don’t know that I am a beer-buyer for whole foods market in Plantation, Florida. In lieu of my job I try lots of beer. I will attempt to post some quips on the beers that I drink.

Pater Lieven Tripel:

This is a Belgian Tripel beer. The carbonation is mild, so mild that I thought that the bottle’s integrity had been compromised. It poured with a minimal head. It starts out mild and hoppy, but finishes with a sustained maltiness. The sweetness of the malts is not overwhelming and the yeast has a nice subtle fruitiness.

Gouden Carolus Grand Cru of the Emperor:

A dark Belgian beer brewed once a year to commemorate the birthday of an ancient Belgian emperor. This beer has an overwhelming implication of anise. The carbonation is moderate and the head is barely more than minimal. The hoppiness is almost non-existent and it has a choclatey color; all I can taste is anise. With the right food this beer would be nice.

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