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I went and saw the movie Underworld Rise of teh Lycans. It was an okay way to spend a few hours on a sunday evening. There wasn’t much to speak of aside from a vampire drinking blood from a wine glass.

I’m listening to a Toumani Diabate song via a youtube video. I watched this video earlier and enjoyed it:

Watching vdrumming videos of Steve Gadd, then Airto Moreira led to Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man, which led to a youtube search for pygmy music. All of this brought me to the video above.

Aimlessness documented in hypertext.


On this day

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I woke up out of a dream where the last part was resounding speech (which was acousmatic) saying something like, “That’s why Uhusu can, because your tomorrow is his today.”

I am leaving to go pick up a rental car, then get Ben from the airport. I’ve got to go to the AAA office to get maps, and I’ve got to do laundry, and I’ve got to stop by Greg’s shop to pick up some tshirts.

I’ve got three cds for this morning’s drive: Neu, Killer Mike, and a collection of Funk rarities titled Cold Heat.

When I turned on the shower today it got stuck in between shower and bath for a a second. While it lingered there it made a sounds like a huge fart and shook the wall. I laughed.

I shaved my beard.

Egyptian Reggae

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Someone told me about a fellow named Jonatahn Richman and then I saw this video on the internet, and then I posted this video here because there’s something special about:

One Word diary Entry:

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My words in sound

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Aside from some captured freestyles this is the first verbalized music that I’ve done in quite some time. On one account I was asked to rap on a beat for a mixtape that an internet acquantaince is putting out. On the other I was sitting in a friend’s apartment alone with a guitar.

I wrote the lyrics on my cell phone, and saved them as a text message while I was listening to the first track–serious banger–off of Peter Bjorn and John’s recent Seaside Rock. Chris was hospitable enough to track the vocals for me. The second half of the track is a freestyle.


The guitar song is entirely improvised, although I’ve probably played the progression before. I can’t say for sure as my mind has a really hard time grasping melody. I’m fine to pick something up and play a melody, but understanding the correlation between frets/keys and the notes they produce is beyond me. Also my common freestyle crutches make their appearances: because, talking about time traveling, not really.


Damn, drums…

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Give it a minute or so before you turn this one off too soon. The Germanness reciting a modified 50Cent line is uber raer:

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