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Here is a brief timeline of key moments in the development of sound recording as related to sampling, and also sampling:

Brief Timeline of Sampling.

Pre-History: A Chinese myth states that sliding doors were fitted with a spike of bamboo that, when passed over grooves in the floor pronounced, “Please close the door.”

Pre-history: Early Romans create the Hydraulis organ, an instrument that incorporates the sounds of other instruments.

1800: Orchestrions—a type of organ—imitate all instruments of the orchestra.

1850’s: Bellows are used in experimental devices that imitate the human voice.

1877: Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.

1887: Emille Berliner creates the disc gramophone.

1890’s: Valdeman Poulsen invents Telegraphone-recorder that makes use of magnetized wire.

1906: Michael Wienmeister patents the keyboard phonograph in Austria

1908: Charles Ives composes The Unanswered Question, which makes use of various disparate coexisting elements.

1920: A dada performance consisting of 8 record players playing simultaneously takes place.

1920-25: Four patents are issued, to different individuals, that describe instruments that utilize recordings on wire, disc, or cylinder.

Late 1920’s: Photoelectric organs feature sampled sounds.

1929-30: Paul Hindemith and Ernst Toch produce grammophonmusik collages.

1930: Walter Ruttman produces Weekend, a sound collage intended to evoke life in Berlin.

Mid 1930’s: Call-in-clocks utilize sampled voices to give callers the time.

1937-38: Alec Reeve develops PCM, a technology for capturing sound.

1939: John Cage composes Imaginary Landscape No.1 for variable speed turntables.

1948: Pierre Schaeffer begins to develop Musique Concréte, experimenting first with records, and later with tape.

1950: Daphne Oram composes Still Point for double orchestra, and three 78rpm record players.

1952: John Cage creates Williams Mix, a massive piece for spliced tape.

1953: Pierre Schaeffer patents the Phonogéne, a tape loop player with 12 playback heads of various sizes that alter the pitch of the sound on the loop.

1955: Hugh LeCaine creates the Special Purpose Tape-Recorder, a multi-track keyboard controller that varies the speed of up to 10 tape loops.

1961: James Tenney samples Elvis in Collage No.1 (‘Blue suede’).

1964: The Mellotron, a keyboard that uses tape loops as sound sources, is released.

1965: Steve Reich uses tape loops of a sampled voice to create It’s Gonna Rain.

1968: Holger Czukay, of the German band Can, samples and re-contextualizes a Vietnamese singer on his album Canaxis.

1968: The Beatles use spliced tape samples of organ sounds on “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite” from the album Sergeant Pepper’s… in order to achieve a desired effect.

1969: Terry Riley’s Rainbow in Curved Air, in which a special tape delay continuously samples and re-plays his keyboard playing, is released.

1979: Mr. Magic, a Connecticut-based hip-hop artist, records the first sample-based hip-hop song using a then unheard of technique; a break from a record is recorded numerous times, and these individual recordings are then spliced into a loop.

1979: Sugarhill Records releases “Rapper’s Delight,” a record on which musicians replicate a small portion of another musician’s work in a looped manner.

1979: The Allen Organ Company produces electronic organs that use sampled organ sounds.

1979: The Fairlight CMI is released—it is the first digital sampling keyboard.

1981: Brian Eno and David Byrne release My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, on which a multitude of vocal samples are re-contextualized.

1986: The E-Mu SP12 is the first affordable digital sampler to be released. It allows musicians to sample entire measures of music. Hip-hop is transformed, and sampling becomes popularized soon after.

(Compiled from: Alapatt, Davies, Holm-Hudson, and Shapiro)


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Dance is not an act, but a state of potentiality that gives way to acts.

Born and raised in the county of Broward…

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The new one from Khaled, Pitbull, Rick Ross, and Trick is pretty bangin.

In other news I finally registered a domain name, and will have a website–with the help of Mr.Randy J. Hunt–in the near future. http://www.enunciatedpause.com (how this was unregistered is beyond me.).

Not bangs. Sweat.

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Fear not. Here is the proof. My friends–here is the pudding too.

People were saying things to me like, “Zach! You have bangs!” Certainly not. Bangs are usually unattractive–always for men. So, I have engineered this internet space to show that I–Zachary Granger Moldof–am no person with bangs.

Field Recording

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Last weekend I recorded this. I am not going to describe it, and I think that will make it more fun for whoever listens.

I love two for the price of one posts:

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I got a haircut the day before yesterday:

And I heard this today.

OK, this is not a lie:

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I know I’ve been posting a lot of lies lately, but this is–apparently–not a lie.

everyone should listen to this:

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Killer Mike is ill

Today while I was walking around I saw two men arguing. When I got closer I realized that it was actually two giant dutch master cigars that were on fire in a cloud of smoke. Some hip hop guys came screeching up in a black cargo van with no windows and kidnapped those giant cigars. This city is pretty wild.

Andy and Andres:

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I lost your email addresses in the move, there was a troop of bandits, there was danger and dramaturgy. Please email me.

Meet me in the trap:

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The moon is made of cheese

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