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December 28, 2006 at 06:14 | Posted in communicative media, Documentation of things, Musings | 4 Comments

Hi. I saw the Good Shepherd the day before yesterday. To me it was a good movie.

I went shopping the day after Christmas and it wasn’t bad.

I’m working on all kinds of stuff right now, but it seems that sound is central to all of it.

I’m 25, and I’m confused. I feel more confused as a 25 year old human than I did as a 23 year old human. I suppose that these things happen.

I’m so much more connected with a new cell phone, ah ha, I remembered what I wanted to write about.

So, I recently bought a smartphone–on of the phones that lets you check email and connect to the internet. At a party while I was patently unengaged I began fussing with my phone, which led me to think about an anecdote that Chris had relayed recently. This is me relaying the statement: “I met a friend at a bar, and two of her frineds came to meet us there. when they showed up they were on their crackberries sending messages back and forth, and they did it the whole time. They were totally detached from the human social environment.” I’ve paraphrased here (para- is a great prefix). So being in the midst of such social detachment I began thinking about the statement, and necessarily deconstructing the performances that add up to such a disengaged posture. Keep in mind here that I’ve been dealing with the idea of human agency as particularly impotent when viewed at a global scale. Also, I’m reading technology as a determinate influence of social construction, much like weather, vis-a-vis Manuel DeLanda in War in the Age of Intelligent Machines. So, what’s to say that people using their cellular devices in a seemingly dtached manner is not the residue of a new materiality of the social? That is, we’re not dealing with people that are detcahed from one another, just socializing differently; we continue to perform social incroporation, but it doesn’t seem like it. It seems like the current materiality of cell phones is more inevitable than undesirable. I would wager that within the next five years more people will have smartphones than regular cell phones.

Chris, I’m not trying to diss; I just used your comment as a departure for my pointology. I’m sure you know that, and I’m sure that this will generate some kind of conversation some time soon.

I’ve been listening to Mount Eerie’s No Flahslights on super repeat. Thanks Travis.



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  1. i see your point, but at the end of the day, socialize denotes companionship with others; the story i relayed was an example of one companionship being ignored in order to fulfill a more remote (in every sense of the word) one. i dislike talking on the phone, email, etc. b/c i think that technology, internet, etc. are means to an end, not a goal in and of themselves. there’s enough interface between two people these days, i don’t like the idea of having to express my inexpressable self through a digital veil any longer than i had to. when edison created the phone, the first thing he said, was asking his assistant to come into the next room…in person.

  2. I’m trying to wipe the residue off my face as I post from my E61 smartphone. It’s not actually smart, but it makes me feel like I am.

  3. …and yet the conversation Zach foresaw began via internet.
    Nowadays, people travel longer distances in shorter periods of time. Technology shortens distance. Internet, smartphones and the like provide an immediacy that is hard to resist.
    The mind wanders to remote places. Sometimes the remote is closer than what is physically most immediate.

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