Of course rhythm is key

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All kinds of new age texts, or translations of ancient Buddhist and Taoist texts will tell you about rhythm. All kinds of drummers, and other musicians will also tell you about rhythm. It’s the same rhythm, but it gets qualified differently because of the ways that it interacts with/manifests through time and space. Rhythm is the ability to quantify a series of events based upon the past permutations of said series of events according to the methods thorugh which it interacts with its environment, itself, and the feedback loops produced by those interactions. In mastering rhythm one is able to acutely predict the products of a permutation and adapt the flow of matter to an impending change: a drummer knows how to alter a phrase in its middle while still maintaing the same downbeat (beginning/ending mechanism). There really isn’t a beginning, middle, or end to what we would refer to as the materiality of rhythm (years of life, beats in a measure) and this is easily documented with a sampler. Take a drum break and loop it from the original downbeat, or trim it so that the downbeat becomes the second beat in the phrase–once the break has cycled through once each sonuds the same. Instead of downbeat let’s use point of entry because it gives a more robust description of the interaction of the human and the rhythmic event.
I’ll write more about this later. I’ve got to go to the bakery for breakfast and then class.

For now, here’s an endearing picture from the Spring Street uptown A,C,E stop:

New Website

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Everyone needs to holler at wordie.

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