Where’s that poo (the one from the roach?)

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This is serious. I have only seen a roach in my apartment once, and that was about a week ago. It was a Palmetto (the kind that fly). This roach made two installations in my bathroom after I spotted it.

The roach is most likely a dadaist. I base this on its wile and humor. One poop was left upon the mount for a towel rack; certainly a risky place to take a poop because of the imminent danger of falling. The second poop was a bit more thoughtful though. For its second installation the raoch left a poop on a sponge–the device I use to clean in my bathroom.

I think it’s important to share these kinds of things with the rest of the world through my internet blog.

Once before, twice again

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Lately these things have happened:

I’ve been a consumer. I’ve spent money on goods lately. I’ve spent money that doesn’t immediately influence my survival; perhaps a secondary or tertiary influence on my survival.

I’ve been a bit less tidy at home.

I’ve parted ways with posessions of mine in an attempt to slim down tha amount of space that my property takes up.

I was part of an art show with some friends from Florida. It was a good look on all account.

I’ve been listening to tha carter 3 leak. Lil’ Wayne could creat–what I would consider to be–a hip hop artifact of massive quantity and quality.

I watched “2 days in Paris” today with Chris. It was pretty funny to me, perhaps because I have a girlfriend.

I’m starting a new job.

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Is it not a bit outrageous to belive that by ‘saving power’ we can make the entire planet cool down?

Here I go again, arting out this Saturday:

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Asobi Seksu Thursday remix

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There was some kind of contest to remix this song. I wasn’t too into the contest because it didn’t seem like it had anything to do with the band. Further, the aiff.s available to download were limited to final mixes of the vocals, background vocals, and the instrumental track. I’m not tripping because I like what I wound up making, but I’m saying the contest was lameola. Anyways, here is a link to the remix that I did. It is titled Sunday.

2007. Rap more fart less.

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I’ve had deconstructive tendencies ever since I was a waiting sperm and a swimming egg.

An art show that I’m participating in:

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On Saturay, August 25th I will be participating in the “FLexas” art show.

The location for the show is: Texas Firheouse, 36-29 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City.

The time for the show is: it starts at 8 PM.

Other artists in this show: Nicole Christian, Melissa Diaz, Timothy Warner, Danny Coeyman, Towhead, and Lisa Wicka.

Apparently there is going to be free food and booze and music.

Here is a recent collage that I made. It is titled “You bitches can’t fuck with me.”:

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