From a journal entry on 9/25/2005:

December 14, 2006 at 17:16 | Posted in Documentation of things | 3 Comments

For every relation we shirk we are shirked in a relation.
Cause and effect are not a sequential
thus what we do today may be an effect to facilitate a cause tomorrow.
Above us there is water in the clouds, and below us there is water in the
To covet the sea is to covet the clouds, for the cycles of precipitation makes
them one.

We cannot see how love or hate evaporate,
so we do not understand the circumstances of our lives.
Only when water freezes, and becomes still is it removed from the cycle of precipitation.

Abandon emotion, become still,
only then does the cycle of shirking and coveting stop.



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  1. that’s all well and good until beautiful women enter the situation.

  2. i wonder if love sooner or later always leads to the desire to posses the unattainable (i.e. an individual), or if with time one can aspire to mature in love, and learn to love without such a desire to posses. (the desire to posses to me qualifies as a wrongful desire.)
    some friends tell me they think jealousy, for instance, is evidence of love. meaning that someone who is not afraid of losing the loved one means that someone does not care enough.
    i have always been a fan of learning to love without desiring possession. but so far it has proven to be quite a challenge.

    i find monogamous love alone to be a potential source of wrongful desire. let alone when “beautiful women” (which i would rather call third parties) enter the situation.

    relationships are complicated. there is no doubt about that.

  3. Thanks!,

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