I go hard…

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I”m a little shy about rapping. Not because I’m shy about it, more because of the novel impression that many people have about it. Invariably, revealing that I–a lanky Jewish kid with undark skin–rap leads to something like, “Rap something right now!” I’m not offended or upset by that reaction, but to me it just trivializes rapping. You wouldn’t ask Hulk Hogan to body slam something, and you wouldn’t ask Duchamp to say something witty. If you’re a rapper and you tell me to kick something it’s different, because we both follow the same code, and it’s more a matter of chivalry.

That said, here is a public document that can be a place holder for such occasions. The recording is not of the utmost quality but it’s more than sufficient. Long time homie–and one of the illest–Rubox Cube on the beatbox, and me rapping at Mad Illz’ freestyle night at Redefine in Orlando:

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In the place where I live

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The street outside my window got repaved recently. It seems inconsequential as a pedestrian until I go to sleep. Trucks driving down the street used to be loudened up by the old bumpy road. Now, they cruise by at typical loudness. Unfortunately redoing the sidewalks probably will not change anything about the volume of bar patrons across the street.

I found some records a few weeks ago, and one more yesterday. I also got a Tascam porta one yesterday from a fine gentleman purveying his wares a few blocks from my home. I’m excited about the immediacy of working with tape. It’s nice to think that I can just press a power button, and then a record button and be documenting sounds. It’s has the option of running on batteries also, which is nice.

30 push ups every morning, preferably first thing out of bed.

Rapping on monday nights at Sin Sin on 2nd Ave. and 5th Street. There are some videos of me here, if you care to go through them and find me. I’m first off in one of them. Also, its streamed live every Monday night, so you can log on to the site (through the link above) and see some real New York Hip hop on Monday nights. It starts around 11:00 or 11:30.

Say Word.

Other Blog

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I just made another blog. It is categorized. the categories are for works that I’ve done in sound, and sight. EP

what do you know about it?!?!?!?

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Mad music, mad greatness. Blam:

First is the dude Mike Gaff’s (click his name for his page) facemelting psych mix “The Trip Beyond”. I’m sure you’ve probably heard a gang of mixes if you’ve been on the webs at all in the last five years, but this one goes above and beyond. The dude reworks a lot of stuff, and really lets you know what turntables and records are capable of when put in the right hands. Huge props:

The Trip Beyond.

Second, and third are some semi recent finds of mine. The first disc off of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Bahiana” with a dope break on the first track, and excellent percussion overall. Clearly the trumpet is blazing as well.

Bahiana sd1

Bahiana sd2

In my brief research I discovered that Uakti (pronounced wahk chee) is a Brazilian group that crafted a lot of their own instruments. This is their first album, “Oficina Instrumental.” don’t be fooled by the title. On this album they combine homemade instruments of various tempers with traditional instruments. They later went on to use less and less traditional instruments. they also worked with Phillip Glass.

Uakti sd1

Uakti sd2

Ghost Army (23rd special troop headquarters)

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I’ve written about this elite army task force of artists, archtiects and free thinkers on this blog before. But, now it is also the name that Nelson and I use for our band. There will be physical releases in the future (vinyl), but that’s a ways off. So, for now enjoy the digital version.

;Here is the first song (free internet download mix).

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