More drums, these in lines

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Ill drums

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In case you didn’t know, Jel kills it on the mpc. Check the technique:


Stumbled upon

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There’s no footwork  involved in internetting so I suppose that’s a bit of a misnomer. Nevertheless, a video that I fouond while looking for video of Zakir Husain’s band:


Hip hop doesn’t have to be cliché

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Walter Kitundu is dropping serious realness on the haters:


Dude’s story:

Play Real Media

If you sample

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If that’s how you make music, do you want to kill your samples? Do you want them to be rendered not usable by virtue of your inimitable excellence? Or do you want to hear how other people would do what you’ve done? Both? Neither?

My theoretical fixes for the country/economy

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I’m trying to be optimistic and see the recent wall street upheaval, and general economic downtroddenism as the precursors to change (not necessarily Obama related change). Clearly our country operates on a number of principles that have become outmoded in the technological, advancements of the last fifty years. We need an overhaul, and that should be evidenced by the fact that a major financial institution more than 100 years old folded. Cut it back to see it grow.

So, here are two recent thoughts I’ve had that seem like they could make a difference:

1.) The Price of Oil.

Whats the hell?!?! Clearly the current price of oil is driven by privatized investments in oil stock. The price at the pump is largely influenced by the price of oil on Wall Street. We can’t just say, “No more oil in the stock market,” because that is impossible. However, we could impose a national–and possibly international with some diplomacy–cap on the price at which oil can be bought and sold. This would mean that those who are buying and selling oil as an exchange commodity would not be able to exploit its role as a necessity. In our current state, we have to buy oil to survive. In order to get the oil from the oil fields and into the gas station it seems that a number of potential opportunities for profiteering spring up. The government should step in and set a limit, so that people who are merely moving money around in order to make more money (investors) cannot capitalize on oil.

2.) Let’s Revitalize our Rail System!

Hello! Look at Europe. Or, better yet, look at the America of the past. So much of this country was built on the rail system, and so much of it can be built up further in order to carry us into the coming times. If we updated the rail system with energy efficient high speed trains we could stop subsidizing airlines–who now charge us to pick our seats, and charge us to bring bags along because the Airline is antiquated, and cannot turn a profit–with tax payer money, and we could travel domestically in greater comfort, with a reduced carbon footprint. Airplanes suck, trains are romantic.

Dirty Diana

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I’ve been thinking about breaks a lot lately. In an obsessive way, not in any intellectual sense. The last ten seconds, or thereabouts, are ill. The person filming says something about “Wednesday.”

New money

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Energy is the new currency

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