Things that are older than most other things:

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Here is a link to video where a scientist discusses some 200 million year-old microorganisms that he found inside of a salt crystal in New Mexico. GO USA!


My manifestation of the human condition is:

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It seems lately, that I have an easy time slighting personal endeavors in favor of being lazy, unmotivated. Why? Namely the internet. Possibly the most convenient invention for having an excuse to do nothing.

A barrelling Dracula’s cape…

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Once while driving terribly late at night, I thought that I saw a Dracula’s cape barrelling across the highway–driving terribly late does strange things to my mind.

While packing for my move I discovered a piece of paper inscribed with the following:

“the utterly precise aiming of speech allowed by the post is amazing.”

A fascinating feat indeed. In my Media theory studies I have begun to recognize, more and more, the things that go on around us in terms of their existence as possible extensions of the body and its functions.
The age, and lack of anything electronic, seems to give this medium a specific poignancy.
When we speak words are emitted into the surrounding air with little control as to where they go, being that the voice is an omnidirectional sound-producing membrane. When a letter is sent through the post words can be directed to an exact location.
There is little theory to divulge without going into an involved statement on the whole of Media. Perhaps then, it is this conceivable simplicity that sparked my amazement in the first place.

Intersection India…

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Translucent, or another state of matter and light…

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The relations between men and women puzzle me to no end. I am not naive enough to think that ,”I just had it all figured out,” but I am at one of those inevitable states of, “Fuck, how did I get here?”
Being that I have never committed to a long-term relationship I can understand how I continuosly find myself in a similar disposition, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as miserable, in regards to the affect that I am having on women, as I do right now.
I love women, and my interactions with them–from acquaintances, and passersby, to lovers and close friends, I enjoy women on all accounts. The longer I am alive the more I see of them and the more I learn but it never really gets any easier to interact with them in some kind of idealistic context. What does happen is that my insight grows and it becomes easier to cope with/understand what is going on. I as a human may never fully activate a womany life of perfection, but I think that I am moving closer to being able to recognize the parts of one that I own.


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This post will serve as an account of all things ‘of late.’

I’ve had a bluetooth mouse, and a bluetooth keyboard for a while, and I just got a 19″ flat-panel monitor today–my setup is fully blown.

Tomorrow is Alexandra Almeida, and Simon Kachel’s wedding. Alex is a friend of mine, whom I met while studying at UCF. Last night I went out with Simon and a swarn of his buddies for the bachelor celebration. Australians are wild.

I leave in eleven days for my trip–a week in Manhattan, and a month in India. I felt stressed today.

I know the words to all sorts of sings like being relaxed, not letting the small stuff get to you, and rolling with it, but I haven’t heard those songs in a while.

Since I moved home I have become concerend with designer clothing that is expensive. I would not say that I lusr after Prada sweaters, but I see them with the Paul Smith jackets and think about owning them. I cannot afford to spend such money on clothing. As I was falling alseep the other night I said to myself, “It would be nice if I could afford to go out and spend thousands of dollars on clothes. I would be able to get that Suede Armani jacket.” These thoughts are nothing new. I grew up, and am currently residing, in a place where there are probably more Mercedes than people. I drive a mini-van and wear James Perse t-shirts that I buy on sale at the Neiman Marcus outlet. I could not afford to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, but sometimes I can afford to shop at Saks off Fifth. The finer things are like that for a reason.

The thought of being in India is not a reality, but it is slowly distilling into my perspective one epiphny-like moment at a time.

I would still like to send you a postcard, but I need your address in order to do that.

Women continue to perforate my life into ever stranger shapes.

Cadence is everything…

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I typed a lengthy post about metaphysical characteristics of humans this morning, and when I went to upload it the server for wordpress was down. That post is not here. I’ll have to re-write it.

Today I thought of these words to say to a phony person:

You are the paper thin mustache on the face of a famous felon, inside of major American post office.

Modern Media, Technology, and the ipod…

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Today is the fifteenth day of April in the year called 2006. I will cut to the chase…(the hot pursuit:):

I was watching a television program recently, and a professor said, “The ipod is causing our society to deteriorate, because people are shutting themselves off from other people and the world at large.” That was a ‘gist,’ a paraphrase if you will.

Oh how I do contest. The world is getting smaller, in a state of biggerness, and we are getting better at iving in it.

I have come up with a device that certainly counters such effects as islandism. The device has no name other than the device. The device is quite simple–it is basically web 2.0, wireless networking, combined with gps, and run on a small handheld ipod/cell-phone/pda device.

1.)You create a profile like you would have on a network such as myspace.
2.)Once you create the profile you decide which parameters are available for other devices to access, and which parameters you want to access on other deivces.
3.) The device is set to search for other devices that match the set parameters within a certain physical area.
4.) When the device detects other devices it alerts you, and displays the location of the other device(s) on a map. It can also give you directions for how to get to the other device/person.

Hypothetical situation in which the device actually exists:

I set my device’s accesible parameters to: ‘Hello. My name is Zachary Moldof. I am interested in John Cage, R. Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, Marcel Duchamp, Drawing with fine point pens, Reading books. I am from Weston Florida. I enjoy drinking tea.’
I set my device’s searching parameters to: “John Cage”, Chess, Metaphysics, “Black Holes”, “String Theory” (search for any).
I’m standing in Union Square, and someone with a device comes within one-hundred yards of my device. This person’s device’s accesible parameters are set to: ‘Hello my Name is Granger Dawes. I am studying String Theory at NYU. I spend most of my time at school, playing chess, studying at home, or eating good food of various varieties.’ Granger’s device’s searching parameters are set to: Chess.
Because Granger’s accesible parameters coincide with Zachary’s, Zachary is able to locate Granger.

The device allows for the physical fruition of virtual networking accuracy. Essentially the device funcions as an augmentation/extension of the persona. The persona that was previously announced through t-shirt, gaits, piercings, et cetera, is now punctually, and poignantly projected into the accesible realms of anyone else with the available technology.
This device is not a novelty, although it can be utilized in novel applications. The device is a more efficient version of the persona, wherein there are no barriers to the accesibility of people.

I want to send you a postcard from India…

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I will be sending at least one postcard every day, and I would prefer to send less of them to me than others.

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