On collective consciousness…

March 30, 2006 at 14:42 | Posted in On collective consciousness | 1 Comment

I was driving, in some slight traffic yesterday, and began thinking: “How do you go about correcting collective consciousness when it does not function effectively?” This ponderance arose in response to the way that people drive in heavy traffic; if enough people were to remain far enough back from the car in front of them, so that when the car in front of them comes to a halt they don’t have to, we wouldn’t have stop and go traffic.
This is obviously a rather inconsequential example, but how do we go about correcting these types of situations? Are these situations correctable?
I came to the conclusion that art can be used to bring such situations to people’s attention, but it isn’t neccessarily going to affect change.

I don’t know that this is something that has a definite solution, but it is something that I will begin to think about.

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