Brief lific rant

December 11, 2006 at 06:21 | Posted in Documentation of things | 3 Comments

I feel like my life is a matter of déja vu: am I experiencing déja vu right now or not? I’ve been interacting with my past a lot for the past couple of weeks. I am pithy in my lack of perspective. I’ve been into music lately. Perhaps I need to figure out how to stop reading my life in relation to my life in other states. I’m not sure how to go about that exactly, but it seems like a worthwhile task. Sorry that I don’t have anything less self-centered to write.



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  1. ditto.

  2. Hope you do not mind I share my thoughts in your blog and if you do, just too bad you pick an open medium. Not sure what is the correct protocol given this is my first, and this give me a chance to spend time differently while awaiting the arrival of my much anticipated couch.

    Seems like you my friend took a break too many from being busy. You always has more philosophical angle to things which is admirable. I question really do all matters really stay the same? If things get repeated, I think maybe we sometime temporarily loose sensitivity to notice the delicate changes that are quite marvelous. So is déja vu then a repetitive pattern of an unconscious mind? Are we living?

    Happy picking balls! Also, I must add that my attempt to write anything in a blog only goes on to prove nothing really stays the same.

    If you care to know, my meeting this AM went as I thought it would!

  3. I’ve always looked at dejavu experiences as a confirmation that something is going right. If my mind is somehow predisposed to interpret an event as having happened before exactly as I’m experiencing it, then I’m happy to use that as evidence of things gone right.

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