I watched Adaptation earlier today

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And I enjoyed it. I was a bit disturbed when Donnie was ejected from the car and lay bloody and bent upon the ground. It was interesting that the film took place in South Florida. I have enjoyed every Spike Jonze film that I’ve seen; he is a quirky director and it comes off much better than the works of his quirky contemporaries.


If I still wrote poetry this is what it might look like

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the tables on which i might have set,
As Rocky Racoon collapsed in the corner,
or inside of what he was born from.
Callouses form on the outer layers of skin due to repeated abrasion.
leaves are falling off of trees right now;
in another half of the world it is summer right now, or winter, or fall, or spring (depending on when you are reading this).
Skin, like leaves from trees, falls from our bodies, year-round, and throughout our lives.
We are making snow drifts of ourselves, and we cannot see them, because time is intangible,
and so are
I’ll not drool down my own esophagus,
I’ll not compose a symphony of my speech,
I’ll not be waiting for myself at the end of a tunnel of experience.
May fire consume my bones,
May light wear away at my flesh until I fade into an anonymous breeze;
I never understood,
I will never be a champion,
but my life was never mine.
A bit at which life chomps,
A moniker for an atom,
vertrebrae of shifting,
the cellular Zachary Moldof
is a temporary home for various functions, and interactions,
and like an ant this I canno t control.
Disaster always strike
with a purpose at its heart.

Stanford=school that I’m not going to

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I have gotten my first response from the schools I applied to. That means that one out of six schools have denied me, and five out of six schools have yet to report.
Part of the waiting is over. I’m listening to Phillip Glass right now.
I will certainly add this letter to my denial file, which contains various letters conferring a denial of a request that I have made to be admitted/accepted to something.
“The competition was fierce…only 2% of the applicants were admitted.”
If there were two hundred applicants–which would meet or exceed an approximation of the number of applications that they received–then four people got in. Those odds are terrible; I think that my odds of making a toyota are higher. Let’s play a more realistic game, because this one definitely wasn’t for me.

The pineapple

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Is probably the juiciest vegetable, and also probably the favorite vegetable of humans. Do you think that it is a fruit? Where are the seeds then?

Lyrics to Grillz

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This is from memory–since I’ve heard this song at least fifty times–so there could be some discrepancies.
got thirty down at the bottom thirty more at the top all invisible set in little ice cube blocks if you could call it a drink call it a smile on the rocks if you could call out a price let’s say I call out a lot I got platinum and white clothes traditional gold I’m changing grillz everyday like J.J.’s clothes I might be grilled out nicely in my white “T” or on South Beach in my wife “B” VV or studded you can tell when they cut it my grandmama hate it but my lil mama love it cause when you open up your mouth your grill gleamin eyes stay low from the chiefin I got a grill I call penny candy you know what that means it looks like now and later sundrops jelly and beans I wouldn’t leave it for nothin only a crazy man would so if you catch me in your city somewhere out in your hood just say


Paul Wall
what it do baby it’s the ice man Paul Wall I got my mouth lookin somethin like a disco ball I got the diamonds and the ice all hand set I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breath my teeth gleamin like I’m chewin on aluminum foil smile showin off my diamonds sippin on some potent oil I put my money where my mouth is and bought a grill twenty years thirty stacks they don’t know I’m so for real my motivation is the thirty pointers vvs to run a “G” in my mouth be simply symbolizin cess I got the wrist ware and neck ware that’s captivatin but it’s my smile that got these onlookers spectatin my mouth be simply certified a total package open up my mouth and you’ll see more carats than a salad my teeth are mind blowin givin everybody chills call me George Foreman cause I’m sellin everybody grills


Big Gip
Gip got them yellows got them purples got them reds lights gone hit it make you woozy in your head in my Too Short drop mouth got flavors like a fruit gum pop what it do in the Lou ice grill cut your grammar where the hustlers move bircks and the gangsters bang hammers where I got em you can spot em on the top and the bottom got a bill in my mouth like I’m Hillary Rodham I aint dissin nobody but let’s bring it to the light Gip was the frist with my mouth bright white they can’t focus cause they eye sight blurry dippin on some hoes you can see my mouth jewelery I got four different sets it’s a fabulous thing one white one yellow like Fabolos chain and the other set the same got my name in the mold and the whole top diamond and the bottom row’s gold



Randy’s Score…

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Randy H. is:

Player Numer Seven:
Q.–|3′04″O| >A

















K.–|1′32″O| >A




O.–|6′08″O| >A


Spiderman 2…

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Used some pretty classic cuts, angles, and overall shots. Takin it back to the fifties.

No matter what…

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my carbon just keeps on dissipating. It’s all I can do to decompose civilly.

Making the most of it…

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This post is written in lieu of a title–come up with a title and then write something, instead of write something and then come up with a title; the two are entirely unrelated. I have stated in the past, “Life is just an after-effect of breathing.” I still maintain that this is true; if you cease to breathe than you most certainly cease to live, therefore the aforementioned.

I wonder often about the ways that people can manipulate time. This notion first became apparent to me through my tabla studies.

A tabla pandit (master) has several decades of practice. Through this extended period of practice time the pandit becomes capable of micro-time events that are so condensed that they defy common time logic as perceived by the outsider listener. Essentially, through decades of practice a pandit is capable of fitting so much into such information into small increments of time because they have spent so long practicing. Thus, we see that decades of exploration into the possibilities within seconds of time translate into hyper-activated seconds.

This “phenomenon” exists in many medium outside of tabla. It is evidenced by a situation in which an audience is inundated with information over a short timespan. There is a direct relation between how much time is spent practicing, and how much information can be squashed into a smaller amount of time.

I lie so often.

Another John Cage Quote:

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If you cannot allow yourself to be hypocricised by yourself, then what good are you to yourself–in an everchanging world–as you live a life set in stone?

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