Translucent, or another state of matter and light…

April 23, 2006 at 05:02 | Posted in Women | 1 Comment

The relations between men and women puzzle me to no end. I am not naive enough to think that ,”I just had it all figured out,” but I am at one of those inevitable states of, “Fuck, how did I get here?”
Being that I have never committed to a long-term relationship I can understand how I continuosly find myself in a similar disposition, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as miserable, in regards to the affect that I am having on women, as I do right now.
I love women, and my interactions with them–from acquaintances, and passersby, to lovers and close friends, I enjoy women on all accounts. The longer I am alive the more I see of them and the more I learn but it never really gets any easier to interact with them in some kind of idealistic context. What does happen is that my insight grows and it becomes easier to cope with/understand what is going on. I as a human may never fully activate a womany life of perfection, but I think that I am moving closer to being able to recognize the parts of one that I own.


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  1. i find being a woman quite puzzling. that leaves men relating to women spiraling off at a faraway galaxy. there’s the lunar cycle and the ocassional hormonal (complete) takeover of neurons.
    i came to really understand the term “beside myself” during takeovers of that sort.
    i also became fond of lacan’s “imagine there is no woman.”
    and to “follow the yellow brick road”.

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