Briefly before I go work:

December 27, 2007 at 14:15 | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

1.) I’m in South Florida and loving the weather, sunsets, wildlife, and atmoshpere to the max.

2.) I’m luck to have the friends that I do, such high caliber people in such a high concentration si certainly some type of cosmic anomaly.

3.) These are the books that I am currently reading:

An MIT press book that is an introduction to psychoacoutics

Barry Blesser’s Spaces Speak are You Listening?

Jean Baudrillard’s The Illusion of the End

Jean Baudrillard’s Forget Foucault

I’m reading each book at different rates, but the psychoacoustics book is my primary fcus at the moment. Why does this matter? Well, I think that reading multiple books keeps them interesting. When I get to a point where the information in a book is not particularly entertaining, or relevant that book is read less frequently, and another is read more frequently. As well, the information gleened from a text seems to become serendipitously super-contextualized by the information in books that are being read at the same time.


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