rhizomes actually, not just textually

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If we truly want to understand the rhizome as an ontological process/state then we must give it its leeway. No aloe plant that I have ever seen grows up through concrete—where the space of ‘give and take’ does not allow for much to pass.

The artifact constructed in a rhizomic state has no teleology, or at least no teleology that is fixed/achievable. If I make a drawing then it is a drawing. But utilizing the rhizome, becoming the rhizome, means that the drawing is never finished. The paper that I have drawn on can be cut; it can be burned; it can be sewn; it can be fermented; it can be duplicated; its parts can be reconstituted; its smoke can be inhaled; it can become a pocket; it can be made into a paste and spread between the pages of a book to be closed; it can become a behemoth of frequency to such magnitude that skyscrapers are built of it.

This artifact also has no definitive past, only constructed genealogies that draw partials from its past.


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