What if (a brief theory on time, space, and E.T.’s)…

October 30, 2006 at 04:43 | Posted in Anti-doomsday, Musings | Leave a comment

So, let us depart from the notion that both time and space are infinite. Because they are infinite the ways in which we understand them do not necessarily convene with the extent of their functions; time and space operate in ways that we cannot conceptualize. One way of looking at this is to think of every event as being simultaneous: your birth and death are occuring at the same time, along with everything in between them. Now, within this quasi-continuum of time what happens if we are the aliens that we’re looking for? What if humans of the ‘future’ were to return to an Earth of the ‘past’ (our present)? If this is true then the question, “Are there other intelligent life forms,” is unimportant, especially since it seems that we haven’t found any other forms of life yet; we don’t need to find them, because we are them.

Imagine us being able to interact with the earliest known human beings–we would certainly seem as ‘aliens’ do to us.

Wouldn’t we?


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