I’m up early on my born day (and more on the body)…

July 22, 2006 at 12:36 | Posted in Musings, Performances/Exhibitions, Process oriented explanations, Things related to John Cage | Leave a comment

to quote Nas. I started a series of recordings today. This series of recordings is titled Quiet New York. As of right now this series consists of binaural sound walks taken at hours when the aural space of lower Manhattan is not so densely occupied.

More on the Body:

Even if one were to assume that the body constituted by one’s flesh, and the point to which that flesh extends into space, is the extent of the human body one then has to consider that the human body is merely an organ, so then what body is the human organ a part of? In this sense the human body is then a part of the Human Body: the entire collection of human bodies as a singular structure. The more egocentric our thinking, the smaller the body is, without doubt. But, when we can begin to think of our individual bodies as organs within a structure we are not so pejorative towards the unabsolute of the self-governance of the body, which I postulate to be the source of an inability to recognize the ‘larger’–to quote Fuller, “The precessional”–organizing principles and executive mechanisms of the Earth-Human life structure. When the body/self is constituted through a reductive means, that is the body/self is organized around the principle of an elimination of undesirable/inconceivable things as part of the body/self, it secedes to the point that there is no body; the structure of self cannot be maintained because self is reduced to the various bodily systems, which are reduced to the organs that compose those systems, et cetera. This notion is a wonderful way to trouble the notion that the borders of the realm of one’s skin constitute one’s body, except that it is usually employed in a manner to support a notion of self wherein the whole of existence is not reduced to nothing–without, within, and through the body, rather the whole of existence is reduced to the point of purported epidermal irrefutability; through reductive means one negotiates what is and is not self to the point that the desirable body/self remains, and thus the body is maintained, through further future reductions, to be that which one desires to be; the fetishized self that is the projected, and delimited manifestation of one’s desires, abstractions, and barrings.


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