A year ago:

July 21, 2006 at 21:29 | Posted in communicative media, Documentation of things, Grad school update, Musings | Leave a comment

It’s an interesting thing to think about: a year ago I was…? It’s all about rhythm; the more you have the more life makes sense–as far as I’m concerned. A year ago I was working as a bag boy at whole foods in Winter Park, and I had probably just finished my thesis. I was looking forward to a date on my birthday with a lady I met at work. I was riding a bicycle often, I was playing tabla, I was living with the amazing Greg Liebowitz, I was starting to get rid of stufff because I was getting ready to move back to Zeena and Hilliard’s house. I was tidying up my physical appearance, dressing nicer, and cutting my hair–shaving more often also.

We had a discussion about the body in my Dance Studies, Moving Towards Ensemble class. I commented on the fact that our bodies exist far beyond what we recognize–it’s all McLuhan’s externalized evolution business (which was in fact the thoery of Teilhard). Someone contested that technology is not our bodies, “Where do you draw the line then, between what is and isn’t the human body,” I didn’t say it out loud, but in my opinion anything that humans have rendered is part of the human body–quite literally. All that aside, I was thinking about unborn bodies today; at what point does the fetus cease being a part of the mother’s body, and become its own body? And, even after this severance, isn’t the fetus–as it grows into an adult–still part of the mother’s body? And what about its connection to the father’s body, it is less obvious, but there in the core of every human. This requires a lot more thought than my schedule is allowing right now.

I can only think of one other person in my graduate program that could potentially listen to gangster ass rap music. It’s still fun. Grind for that degree.


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