Since I am far from where I was before:

June 19, 2006 at 11:57 | Posted in Musings, new york | Leave a comment

Yesterday I went to meet my parents for dinner, and while I was waiting fro them I saw a flatbed truck fly by on the road. This fatbed truck was of certain temporal import, however, because its flatbed was holding a variety of Indian dudes with food-selling carts–it looked exactly like India, specifically the way one guy’s face looked in the wind.

Today I have orientation for school, which excites beyond most things that my life has been since I left school. Today I have to buy a ‘purse’ (as Hilliard referenced it) to hold my small belongings when I go out. I don’t enjoy having things in my pockets when I’m doing things.

Right now I am looking at my amplified book and wondering how I am going to heat-shrink the connections on it because I can’t use a heat gun in my unventilated dormitory; the window looks like it would open–it even has a screen–but that is not the case at all.

For Florida:

Meet me at the trap

it’s goin down

Meet me at the mall

it’s goin down

Meet me at the club

it’s goin down

Anywhere you meet me guaranteed its goin down


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