The regrettable, the inevitable, the incalculable…

June 13, 2006 at 22:20 | Posted in Musings | Leave a comment


I will not be able to visit Orlando before I leave for New York. Although there is only one thing that supercedes visiting–being with my parents–it is simply an inaccessible moment in time. Regrettably.


My life will be quite different two weeks from now. I think it is time that I had a substantial change, and more importantly I have spent a year without the thing which I do best; school. My punctuation is suffering. I cannot comprehend anything right now except for the microcosmic fluctuations taking place at an immediate pace right in front of me. I wear glasses now. I waited for years before finally acknowledging that I can’t see well beyond twenty feet in front of my eyeballs.


It could be ‘incalcullably’ or ‘incalculably’ it’s really up to me, as this is an instance of unconventional grammatization. Language is a conceptual tool. At some point on my trip grammatology became clear to me. I had seen a short program on television about animals ability to communicate, and somewhow made the connection that it is our ability to utilize sound as signifier that seperates us. I made an installation of my copy of Grammatology in India by inscribing in the cover: “I left my Grammatology in India. An installation and conceptual work by Zachary Granger Moldof.” I gave the book to a young Indian gent in a book store.


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