Prolifity increases, India part three:

May 25, 2006 at 13:08 | Posted in from within the "India"!? | Leave a comment

I am now in Mcleod Ganj. Commonly referred to as Dharamsala, because its in the same vicinity, Mcleod Ganj is home to the Dalai Lama and many things Tibetan. The scenery here is nothing short of spectacular, being that I am accustomed to a flat Florida panoram. On my way to the internet cafe, that I am currently typing from, I saw the snowy crest of a distant mountain peeking out from behind a closer mountain.

There is Tibetan food everywhere, and I had what may have been my best meal yet in India–a simple vegetable, tofu, and noodle soup. The wonderful thing was the fresh greens–spinach–which seem to be impossible to come by. It is probably difficult to imagine how good leafy greens taste when all of your meals have been quite oily and dense for the last 2.5 weeks. A common Tibetan food that I have become quite fond of is momos. Momos are the Tibetan version of dumplings, plain and simple.

I will be spending the next eight or nine days here in Mcleod Ganj at 'Pink House'–my guest house. I've been practicing tabla regularly, working on a few small drawings, and reading at a terribly slow pace.

Yesterday when I was at the bank:

Me: What time is it?

Indian Security Guard: It is eight twenty o'clock.

Language makes itself into a wonderous thing.


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