Update from upper state…

May 7, 2006 at 15:32 | Posted in new york | Leave a comment

Here I am. I am in New York’s Manhattan. Today is Sunday, the seventh, and I arrived on Tuesday the second. I will leave tomorrow for India.
My time in New York, has thus far been rife with non-stop engagement. I have not had any amount of time in which I am not engaged in some specific activity, or en-route to one. I feel like this experience has been connotative of the city itself, and perhaps denotated by it.
I spent a good portion of yesterday walking through Chelsea and looking inside of art galleries, which was better for the company than the work. I am, most often, not interested in the artwork that I see, because most of it purports itself as cerebral when it is merely a decorative thing to hang on a wall. There were a few things that were nice to look at, and one thing in particular that was nice to look at as well as thought evoking.
I am entranced by the magnitude of things to do, and places to eat. I have consumed food at different establishments every day, each of them tasty, and superb. The Whole Foods in Union Square is amazing and debilitates any notion of a Florida Whole Foods being an example of the same phenotype.
There is an epoch here, within which I find a bounty bodies of outward splendor, both in dress and physical character.
This is most certainly a place where I find recognition, affirmation, and exposition of those tenets of mine which were–in previous Floridian locus–solely mine, or if held by others rarely engaged in fruition. The vast organ of humans in this place seems to assure that anything human becomes exponential, so long as it is nurtured.
I am excited to be here, and excited to be coming back.


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