Humans’ patented ‘time’ excuse…

April 9, 2006 at 05:04 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It is comical to hear human beings talk about ‘not having enough time to do something.’ This is in no way a statement of truth; this is a falseity.
When people say, “I didn’t do it, because I haven’t had time,” what they are actually saying is, “I didn’t do it because other things are more important.
It is easy to run out of things like gas, and food, which are finite. You cannot run out of time, because it is infinite. Let’s say you have three things to do, one requires an hour, one requires two hours, and one requires three hours. Altogether you need six hours to complete a task. Let’s say your daily routine–including sleeping and eating–occupies nineteen hours of the day; it is impossible to complete the tasks? No. ONe must forego, or compact some element(s) of the daily routing in order to complete the six hours of work.
I am under the suspicion that people who use this excuse are people that do not use time wisely, but I could be wrong. I have heard this excuse several times lately, and it disheartens me to know that people would be so despondent as to say such things.
To me this kind of excusary behavior demonstrates an absence of insight, and assessment, as well as the possibility for an audacity of personal import. Perhaps I am being judgemental, or harsh. Well, perhaps that is the case then.


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  1. Mindkind cannot run out of time (a better term is matter-flow) but an individual certainly can! But your point is good. Yes, lesser folk do make excuses. Nevertheless, etltit golb, sir, keep your spirits up and set us a good example and produce something, make a difference -as did, for example, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and, oh, er, Douglas Adams, bless him. CyQuick

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