Making the most of it…

February 17, 2006 at 05:25 | Posted in communicative media, Musings | Leave a comment

This post is written in lieu of a title–come up with a title and then write something, instead of write something and then come up with a title; the two are entirely unrelated. I have stated in the past, “Life is just an after-effect of breathing.” I still maintain that this is true; if you cease to breathe than you most certainly cease to live, therefore the aforementioned.

I wonder often about the ways that people can manipulate time. This notion first became apparent to me through my tabla studies.

A tabla pandit (master) has several decades of practice. Through this extended period of practice time the pandit becomes capable of micro-time events that are so condensed that they defy common time logic as perceived by the outsider listener. Essentially, through decades of practice a pandit is capable of fitting so much into such information into small increments of time because they have spent so long practicing. Thus, we see that decades of exploration into the possibilities within seconds of time translate into hyper-activated seconds.

This “phenomenon” exists in many medium outside of tabla. It is evidenced by a situation in which an audience is inundated with information over a short timespan. There is a direct relation between how much time is spent practicing, and how much information can be squashed into a smaller amount of time.

I lie so often.


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